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William Vince Foundation (“WV Foundation”)

In a short but prolific career, William Vince produced 37 internationally acclaimed feature films including the 2006 Oscar nominated film “Capote”. Bill touched thousands of lives with his generous nature before losing a battle with cancer in 2008 at the age of 44. That same year The William Vince Foundation was created to continue Bill’s charitable work.

Our Mandate

The WV Foundation is dedicated to providing support to charitable organizations that assist youth in need from three areas of life that were Bill’s passions; film, sports and overcoming learning disabilities.

Film Outreach

In 2006, Bill founded Intersections Media Youth at Risk Film Program, now Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society, (“Intersections”), a nonprofit organization that offers a digital filmmaking workshop for youth facing multiple barriers to employment. Through the unique and familiar medium of art and digital filmmaking as well as involvement in group-based projects, Intersections participants gain the experience and confidence for long-term attachment to the workforce. 

Sports Outreach

Youth sports groups in need of assistance, which cover purchasing equipment and uniforms, to helping facilitate sports figure appearances to deliver inspirational messaging to youth, the Foundation will provide assistance to charitable programs that raise the level of youth sports in Canada.

Language Arts Outreach

Bill Vince referred to his own severe dyslexia, not as a disability, but as a “benefit”. It required him to work longer and harder in any pursuits that involved reading, just to keep up with those around him. The perseverance he developed because of this carried over to all sides of his life, where his work ethic allowed him to overcome obstacles, time and time again, that those around him felt could not be conquered. The WV Foundation will allocate part of its resources to charitable causes that support overcoming learning disabilities. 


The William Vince Foundation

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